Headed for Japan with Pnuenomia

July 16, 2006

We got into San Jose last night after probably the single most grueling bus ride I have ever experienced. I told Alan I now know what to expect in Purgatory. Not only was it the excruiatingly uncomfortable seats, but the Latin pop music played at full volume for six solid hours, that wore us down.

For some reason we don’t understand there were thousands of college students in Port when we arrived for the 11a.m. bus. Mepe, the bus company, added another bus that was decrepid even by Costa Rican standards. We got under way late and then discovered that they were taking us by the Turrialba route.

We also had a fellow American passenger who had found sex for the first time, I think, and spent the entire trip necking with the fellow copulator right in front of us. We have had better bus rides. . It was a pretty miserable ride.

We slept like logs last night and feel pretty good today. I am really glad we came up a day early so we have today to recover. Fly tomorrow and arrive PDX about 5 p.m..
Spent the day hiking around San Jose in torrential rain storm that soaked us to the bone. We went to the Continental office to change our seats and they had the air conditioner on full-blast.

July 17, 2006

Woke with a scratchy throat and thought to myself, Uh Oh, I’m probably going to get sick. What was it someone said to me in nursing school, “if you don’t want to get sick keep up the stress level and don’t take any time off.” How true.

July 22,

I am really feeling panicky. The slight cold I felt in San Jose has now mutated into full-blown pneumonia or something along those lines. I have been running temperatures of 102F and unless I take aspirin, tylenol and Aleve on a regular basis, the headache makes me feel as though someone were cleaving my head open with an axe. i am beginning to think I won’t be able to attend the wedding, OR will end up in some Japanese hospital on intravenous antibiotics. I called mike Roberts at St Vincent’s Hospital. He got me on the phone with Brent Russell and I got a script for Zithromax. I started the run the minute I got it filled.

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