Presumptive or Presumptuous?~

Okay…I’ll take the bait!

Sarah Louise (Heath) Palin was born February 11, 1964. She is the current Governor of the US state of Alaska and is the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential election.

Holy cow! If I thought John McCain had gone around the bend before, this proves it beyond the slightest doubt.

I know. I know. There will be people who will say: If you object to the “inexperience tag” when it comes to talking about Barack Obama, then how can you criticize McCain’s choice for VP?

Easy, actually.

Barrack Obama has been out there for the last two years running for a national office and won the popular vote–some 18 million (plus) of them. He won the most delegates, the most caucuses, and was nominated by his party to run for president. Nobody got to do that with Sarah Palin. She just appeared suddenly on the ticket four days before the convention and… poof, all is supposed to be accepted as vetted. This is McCain through and through and I’m pretty sure most Americans won’t feel too safe with someone who makes choices like this after two (count them, TWO) meetings with the person who would be a heartbeat away from being president.

But back to Palin.

Here’s her history in brief: born in Idaho, her parents took her to Alaska as a young child. Okay, so far. She went to Wasilla High School where she met her husband, Todd. Okay. This is fine. She won the Miss Wasilla contest and was runner up for Miss Alaska, instead winning “Miss Congeniality.” (Maybe this is the real reason McCain picked her. He could certainly use some of that on his campaign. A recent spat he had with a Time magazine writer certainly was anything but congenial.)

Reasons I think she was chosen:

She will inoculate John McCain from the tawdry tale of Ted Stevens, Republican senator from Alaska, who is under indictment for corruption.

Because Sarah is governor of Alaska, she might be able to keep a red state that color in the fall. From all I hear, it was up for grabs until yesterday. Plus, you guessed it, she wants to drill ANWAR. Will wonders never cease.

But the most insulting to our intelligence is this: McCain must actually think that all the women who voted for Hillary Clinton will now immediately turn their allegiance to him because he has a woman on the ticket. I wasn’t a Hillary supporter, but I doubt those women are that stupid. Do you know her record?

She is Pro-Life, although she believes in the death penalty. This one always amazes me. It’s like fishing really or perhaps crabbing. If the fish is too small you have to throw it back until it reaches a certain pre-ordained legal limit…THEN you can kill it. Don’t even ask about Roe v Wade…

And speaking of killing, she is a NRA member and hunts with the Big Boys up there in AK, bagging herself a moose before breakfast, we’re told.

She believes in teaching creationism in the public schools and doesn’t think people are contributing to global warming.

She supported Patrick J Buchanan when he ran for president. His website has this as the opening line: Right From the Start. I hardly think that women who supported Clinton would consider supporting Buchanan.

Miss Wasilla? She used the money she won in the “Miss Congeniality” contest to attend University of Idaho. I’m sure her major, communications and journalism, taught her all she will need to know as vice president. Oh, she did minor in political science, so that will be a help should John McCain drop dead while in office. Don’t forget he is 72-years-old and has melanoma.

I am old enough to remember Bess Myerson, who held the dubious honor of being the first Jew to win the Miss America contest. She went on to become a game show panelist for The Name’s the Same, a silly little game that entertained families across America during the 50s and 60s.

A Goodman-Todman production, each featured a contestant had a “famous name”; i.e., their full name was the same as either a famous person, place or thing (with the latter usually taking the first initial “A.”, such as “A. Table”), or occasionally an action (such as “I. Draw”, or “Will Kiss”). The contestant was introduced and referred to throughout the game as “Mr. X” or some variation thereof. A small curtain was opened to the audience, showing a placard with the contestant’s name, along with a drawing depicting the namesake.

We were all amused and Miss Myerson was charming and often quite witty, but she was never considered to be presidential material. I guess post-Bush anything that walks, or in this case wears a dress, can be considered presidential material. It reminds me of Queen for a Day. Maybe we can call it Vice-President for a Day.

But I think the real reason McCain chose her is that none of the Big Boys (Charlie Crist, Mike Huckebee, or Mitt Romney) would take the job. They are afraid he will lose in November and their political futures will hit the skids.

Let us hope so.

Published by SC Morgan

I grew up in Oregon and learned not everything is black and white. Now I live in the jungles of Costa Rica where the shades of gray cover the full spectrum. I shoot my mouth off on my blog, social media sites, and sometimes I get published. You can find my blog here:

2 thoughts on “Presumptive or Presumptuous?~

  1. Hi Sarah!I'll bite!The general opinion here is that Mad Muppet, McCain, has indeed flipped. Oh, some Republicans are trying to spin that Palin is Governor of a huge state with huge issues. A huge, empty state, isn't it? Not many people. Oh, the oil and gas that Palin is willing to pump up. Another Republican said that Alaska IS near Russia. Good grief! That's grasping at straws. Almost two years as Governor. And she WAS mayor of a town of 8,000 before that … a big deal in Alaska, I guess … I'm interested in hearing her views on the treatment of the native peoples of Alaska. What does she think about the Exxon Valdez judgement being recently cut way back? Is she beholden to Exxon & Co? What's her recipe for moose stew?Is it true her office is being sued by a state trooper for "unfair dismissal" and that the trooper happens to be her brother-in-law presently involved in a messy and bitter divorce from her sister? I see she believes that life begins at conception and ends at execution. So …As a Creationist, does she believe in DNA testing? If she believes Creationsism should be taught in the schools, does she believe in the separation of church and state? Whose version of Creationism does she espouse?As a non-Mormon from Idaho, I imagine she is rather anti-Mormon. I trust the LDS will query this. Republicans say that Joe Biden cannot be seen to be hard on her in any VP debates, or he will appear to be anti-female. Wait … if McCain dies of a summer cold (at his advanced age, it could happen) is President Palin going to tell the world: "Don't raise your voice at me, I'm just a girl from Idaho …" (At least our Maggie Thatcher gave as good as she got!)Is it the Dan Quayle thing to make McCain look bright by comparison at Cabinet meetings? Someone here sighed and said: "Sadly, so many Americans won't put a cross next to a black candidate … unless it is burning."Now, I think the Republicans sent those ships to Georgia and rattled the Russians to draw attention from the Democratic Convention. Let's see if they arranged Hurricane Gustav to draw attention away from McCain's sudden loss of reason with Palin this coming week. It MAY be that Palin vanishes before the closing photo-ops.If Palin is the best Vice-Presidential candidate McCain can come up with, he doesn't deserve to have one.Interesting though …Ross Eldridge


  2. Ross– YES! YES! And Hear! Hear! I agree with all that you have said. I see, today, that Sarah & McSame are campaigning in the Deep South, hoping, no doubt, for an opportune time to let everyone know how they are there for the hurricane victims. I doubt she will be out on the trail much on her own. I see they are referring to her as "newly minted" rather than vetted. I like that! It seems so crass and a slap in the face to a lot of "really" qualified Republican women who could have been chosen. But, as I said to my mother: "John McCain has been advancing his political career off pretty women for decades, why I expected him to stop now, I don't know."I loved your friend's comment about crosses in front of Obama's name. How true, sadly, how true.Cheers


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