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Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey by William Least Heat-Moon

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In the coastal community where I live, a sign at the entrance of a small hotel reads: A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arrival. It sums up the difference between travelers and tourists, and perhaps quantifies the spirit with which one ought to pick up… Roads To Quoz: An American Mosey.

This is not a book for the impatient….

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6 thoughts on “Reviewing Quoz

  1. Just read the review. I don’t travel much anymore except in books. This is a journey I want to make.Nice job, Sarah.P.S. About the rats, if you could just put a leash on one of those snakes you had a while ago…Barry


  2. It’s a fabulous book, Barry. The snakes… yes, it would be nice to train one to fetch on command. Might keep the burglars away, too.


  3. Hi Sarah,Your review reminded me how much I enjoyed BLUE HIGHWAYS and how another trip with Heat-Moon was something I did wonder about from time to time. I contacted Amazon.UK and they had 4 copies of QUOZ, and I got them to send me one, which I’m now reading and loving. What a treat. In Blue Highways he visited a few places I had, so I’m hoping for similar coincidences in Quoz. I noticed too that a 75th anniversary rerelease of JB Priestley’s “English Journey” is coming up in July, so I ordered that too. Must go watch the late night telly. Was out for a drink at the Marina Arms with a mate tonight and need to stay up a bit to pee away the beverages. No, not booze, pints of lemonade … I’m a cheap date.Ross.


  4. (Here you are way down here)Oh, Ross, I’m so glad you picked this up to read. It was difficult to review, as you’ll probably find after reading it. What to put in, what to leave out.Gus K is certainly someone I would have loved to have in my life. I also appreciated the way WLHM introduced him slowly, then teased us with his comments. And finally told us his story. Great stuff. One of my favorite books of Heat-Moon’s (all of them, really) is PrairyErth. It’s a huge work of philosophical rambling, stories and odd bits and pieces, all from a single county in Kansas. I learned to love the prairie after reading that book. His are books I keep. We are doing better this week. Yesterday was Kashita’s nine-night. I put a bit of food in small bowls on the Buddha shrine, lit incense, and José made a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her. I woke at about 3 A.M. and could feel her passing. The puppies help fill the hollow void of loss. Their cheerful energy impossible to ignore. Wiggling, nipping, and licking, they bring us into the present. Onward…


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