Resolutions for the New Year

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford

New Year’s resolutions, like laws, are for breaking. Yet, I feel inclined to make some this year. Nothing big, mind you, because high and mighty dreams lead to failure.

The biggest and hardest of these involves disconnecting my Internet connection for a certain period of time every day (how much time is still up for negotiation, but I’m thinking four hours minimum). This must be first on the list or the others are doomed from the start. If I can force myself to turn off the WiFi connection, I may be able to accomplish the second commitment, which is to start rewriting my Green Hell Chronicles.

Most of you who read this blog are unaware of my memoir in progress. I haven’t written about it here because… well, the story is still, to use a military euphemism, playing out on the ground. Until there is a solution I really can’t talk about it. Suffice it to say it is a saga of historic proportions and has involved the trio made famous by the songwriter XXXXX XXXXX: Lawyers, Guns and Money. (And here is a perfect example of exactly why I need to disconnect from the Internet. I couldn’t remember the songwriter’s name and was about to look it up online, which would lead to checking my facebook page and, jeez, it would be hours before I got back to writing. So, I put some XXXs there and will check the information later. Or, my brain might kick in and I will remember…. Ah, Warren Zevon!—  see? I don’t need the Internet all the time!)

But back the the Green Hell Chronicles— I can tell those who are interested that I have written meticulously about our travails in a journal (safely stored online?) over the past five years, and I think I can now begin editing and rewriting.

So that is one and two. The others resolutions are much easier.

I want to get back to my yoga practice and do it at least twice a week (note the vague term ‘at least’ twice a week). That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, though. When I do it, I feel better and am more centered in everything, including my writing.  It also keeps my back and hips from buckling from the seated position of writing ( I once read that John Irving writes standing up, and I know why).

The other resolution is a cinch, to walk every day. I have four dogs and they are constantly on my case about getting out for some exercise. So, really this one is cheating because I already do it. I’m including it, though, in case I fail at the others; I can always fall back to this one success.

There you have it, my resolutions for 2011. Nebulous, but as good as I can do.

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6 thoughts on “Resolutions for the New Year

  1. What a fancy blog! Congrats on making the investment. I have to put mine down as well. Some are for the public, others are private and don’t want to say anything until I’ve achieved one of them.


  2. Thanks, Rebeca. I’m feeling my way around the layout features, but so far I love it. Yes, resolutions… there are private ones that are best shared when they are completed. I’ve had those in the past but not this year, gracias adios. Have a great (and productive) New Year!


  3. Merry Christmas Sarah! Great resolutions. I spent an hour last week looking back at the writing goals I’d made since 2001 (with a few years skipped) and was surprised at how much progress I’d made. It certainly encouraged me to write some for 2011. 🙂


    1. And a very happy and productive New Year to you, Karna. No matter how long ago we make those goals for ourselves, right? And as long as we enjoy the journey, the destination is a side benefit. That’s what I always say, anyway. All the best to you in your writing life.


  4. I first read this as Revolutions for the New Year … Thinking of your Green Hell experiences … In a way, a really good Resolution would be a Revolution.

    I’ve now been a vegetarian for over half a year. My recent annual check-up had good results apparently. My GP and the nursing sister at the practice both said “readings are normal”. My cholesterol a year ago was high. I need to lose weight, but that’s tricky on quetiapine and the drug cocktail I take. Exercise has been curtailed for weeks now as I simply cannot get far from my door for the ice and snow. I love walking (as does Cailean) and miss not just the physical part of it, but the meetings with other dog people, the views, the farm animals and wild animals that we see.

    A friend has turned me on to Highland Park (whisky) which, in moderation, warms one up and, in my case, helps me sleep. My grandmother drank a shot of Johnny Walker Red Label every night, lived to be 104. I don’t want to live that long, but … I cannot bring myself to drink wine or spirits alone, so I’m being sociable … which is fun. “Come on over … Let’s get hammered … erm … I mean … Let’s have a shot of whisky, listen to some rock and roll, and put our feet up.”

    I am reading, reading, reading. If you have not read THE BOOK THIEF by Markus Zusak … get yourself a copy. Fabulous book in every way.

    Have a splendid New Year, Sarah!


  5. Hi Ross. Talking ’bout a revolution, oh, yeah, we’re all gonna change the world…. I am hoping for a “revolutionary” win in our war. Every time Alan and clink glasses, which is every night with a glass of wine or a rum, we toast to winning… soon.

    I didn’t know you had turned vegetarian on us. I’ve thought about it but live with a committed meat eater. I have cut back on our consumption of meat, though. I like thinking of it as a condiment rather than the main. But this Christmas has brought roast pork shoulders and capons into our lives. Funny story. We went to Limon to look for a capon because turkeys are very expensive here. I asked the girl in the meat department if they had any capónes? She looked confused and pointed at a very large bird, “Es pollo como pavo.” So we took the “chicken like turkey” home and cooked him for Christmas dinner. He was very very good.

    Whiskey. Yes, a dram in the evening is good. Too many, no… anymore. I am good with a glass or two of wine or a rum with limon and water. I’m to old to tie one on any more, thank god. My dad may live as long as your grandmother. He’ll be 97 this January. He drinks a rum every night.

    I looked up the book. How interesting to use Satan as the narrator. And, I see Amazon has a Kindle version for $5.00. Can’t beat that. I’ll have a look. Right now I’m reading TENTH PARALLEL by Eliza Griswold for the Internet Review of Books. Quite interesting if you are following the religious conflicts around the globe.

    Have a wonderful New Year, Ross. The sun is on its way!


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