Wollemi pines and Megabats~

I am in Sydney, Australia, visiting my daughter, Meraiah, her husband, Tim, and my youngest grandchild, Morgan. I left San Francisco last Monday night, late, arriving in Sydney on a Wednesday morning. Somehow or another Tuesday was completely bypassed on my journey. I gather I will make it up on my return flight, arriving inContinue reading “Wollemi pines and Megabats~”

Stress: My Former Constant Companion~

I suppose this has been written about ad nauseam, but it really is true. I am referring to the absence of stress after living under its constant grip for a long period of time. As Richard Selzer says about starving to death, no one who is doing it can tell you what it feels like;Continue reading “Stress: My Former Constant Companion~”

At Large and At Small at IRB~

The editors of the Internet review of Books asked me to review Anne Fadiman’s latest book At Large and At Small: Familiar essays for their March issue. What a gift. I loved this book and highly recommend it to any and all readers. Fadiman is witty, curious, intellectually stimulating, and a joy to read. YouContinue reading “At Large and At Small at IRB~”

To MFA, or Not To MFA~

I belong to an Internet group of writers, some of whom have applied themselves to higher education in the form of an MFA in creative writing, and some, like me, are learning by the seat of their pants. I have always wondered if I was simply floundering in the dark and it would behoove meContinue reading “To MFA, or Not To MFA~”

MOPT II- The Second Half of the Story~

Undeterred by our previous failure to obtain our licenses in a single visit, and truthfully I can’t think of anything is this country that we’ve ever accomplished in one visit if it has to do with an agency of the Costa Rican government, Alan and I forged on. Last week it was necessary to goContinue reading “MOPT II- The Second Half of the Story~”

MOPT- Half of the Story~

“Yes, this is the right office, but you must go to the Banco Nacional and pay 10,000 colones each before I can renew these driver’s licenses,” said the nice man behind the glass partition separating us. “And anyway, our system is down right now. I won’t be able to do anything for you today.” ThisContinue reading “MOPT- Half of the Story~”