Book Reviews~

I’ve been writing book reviews as of late. Well, one book review, and the only book review I’ve ever written. I’m happy to say that my review of Mark Doty’s book, Heaven’s Coast, currently appears on the Internet Book Review’s (IRB) Web site in their November issue under their “Second Glance” section. Writing a reviewContinue reading “Book Reviews~”

The Kingbird Convention

Tropical Kingbirds in an avacado tree-photo by Jack Chamberlain Yesterday, at lunch, we had the most spectacular show. Swooping down out of the sky came a whole flock of birds we have never seen here before. They had absolutely no fear of the Kiskadees, who screamed their lungs out at them and finally left inContinue reading “The Kingbird Convention”

Wanted: Virus. Short-term Use Only~

We have decided to list our classic 1976 GMC motor home for sale. Now that we live in Costa Rica full time there is really no need to keep it. It’s hard to let go of, as they are rare and ours is in immaculate condition. But time marches on. At 9 MPG it’s aContinue reading “Wanted: Virus. Short-term Use Only~”

Secretarial or Procurement~

procure |prəˈkyoŏr; prō-| |prəˌkju(ə)r| |proʊˌkjʊ(ə)r| |prəˌkjʊə|verb [ trans. ]1. obtain (something), esp. with care or effort : food procured for the rebels | [with two objs. ] he persuaded a friend to procure him a ticket. See note at get. I’ve been beavering through my files this morning looking for some lost papers, and wonder howContinue reading “Secretarial or Procurement~”