Jungle Cats and the Old Revision Blues

 There it was resting among the other animals at the roadside stand. It looked as though it needed a home, and I happened to have had 15,000 Colones itching to get out of my purse. So our newest pet, a jaguar, carved from balsa wood by a young Indio-artisan outside of Cahuita, is at homeContinue reading “Jungle Cats and the Old Revision Blues”

Everything Wiggly and Poisonous

Everything Wiggly and Poisonous, or, When the Damnedest Things Turn Up in the Most Unexpected Places. I’m still a little jumpy today. I just put in a load of laundry, and as I emptied a hamper full of towels into the washing machine, something jumped out of the basket and onto my head. I nearlyContinue reading “Everything Wiggly and Poisonous”