Semana Santa, Crime Sprees, US Embassy Warnings, and a Grateful Expat

Yes, it that time again; Semana Santa, Holy Week, in which seemingly all the Central Valley descends on the two coasts of the country. The hotels are full, bars and restaurants are over flowing with customers, and we are staying in for the week. Yesterday there was a steady stream of traffic in front ofContinue reading “Semana Santa, Crime Sprees, US Embassy Warnings, and a Grateful Expat”

Film Reel Rolling Backward

A celluloid life is easier Splice and mend cut out the mistakes Erase the grief   The year I spent fucking my way across Europe Sam & Dave spilled out over pirate airwaves off the Isle of Man   Possibly that could be discarded Culls for the cutting room floor.   I was Mustang SallyContinue reading “Film Reel Rolling Backward”

Lost Without Translation

Costa Rica News – ”Stop the car!” I yelled at my husband. “Maybe that guy knows where the place is.”This is an all too familiar cry when we are driving anywhere in the Central Valley. We are both excellent drivers, but the bulk of the driving has fallen to him. I invariably ride shotgun, acting asContinue reading “Lost Without Translation”

Mentors: Looking Through the Interstices

All during high school, or until I was old enough to drive myself, my mother faithfully dropped me off at the front door of the art museum in my hometown, Portland, Oregon. Evenings, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I entered the deserted museum–– uniformed guard in the front foyer–– and made my way past whatever currentContinue reading “Mentors: Looking Through the Interstices”

No Turning Back

Scintilla #7– What have been the event horizons of your life – the moments from which there is no turning back? There are times in our life when we stand at an intersection and more often than not it requires hindsight to know we were even there. Yogi Bera once said, “When you come to theContinue reading “No Turning Back”

I Don’t Fly Well, Or Rather, I Don’t Land Well

Returning to Costa Rica in the fall of 1998. The trip had gone relatively well, as flights go, although the weather was a bit rainy when we arrived in Dallas. We got on an American Airlines flight listed as non-stop from Dallas to Costa Rica. Once we were secured in our seats. the captain came onContinue reading “I Don’t Fly Well, Or Rather, I Don’t Land Well”

My First Boss, A Cowboy Born in the Wrong Century

   “Mr Thomas was born May 31, 1915 in Fossil, Oregon, to William and Mary Thomas…. He worked on several ranches in wheeler county and was a professional rodeo cowboy……..”  Jim Thomas was born in the wrong century for cowboys. I knew him most of my early life but never knew until his obituary thatContinue reading “My First Boss, A Cowboy Born in the Wrong Century”

Wound Care + Sugar: A Very Sweet Solution

What would you say if someone told you the fastest way to heal a wound was to pack it with sugar? And what if you lived In the tropics, where infections run rampant and wounds are slow to heal under optimum conditions? If you are like me, a nurse, at best you would be skepticalContinue reading “Wound Care + Sugar: A Very Sweet Solution”

Mold and Mildew: Part of the Unholy Trinity of the Tropics

Several years ago I complained to a neighbor about the mold and mildew blight of the tropics. He announced –confidently– that he didn’t have mold at his house. Mind you his house is just down the road from ours. Not to be sexist, but I immediately had two thoughts: Wow, you must not be aContinue reading “Mold and Mildew: Part of the Unholy Trinity of the Tropics”

Hackers, Bots, Bluehost, and Me

Last week was the hacker week from hell. First, I got an email notice from my web hosting service, Bluehost: “Your website has been shut down due to violations of the terms of service agreement.” WTF? Next, I went to my website and discovered, sure enough, it no longer existed. This prompted an international phoneContinue reading “Hackers, Bots, Bluehost, and Me”