Cédula Renewal Wars

Last week my husband and I endeavored to renew our Costa Rican cédulas de residencia, the national ID card. I called the Banco BCR hotline, BCRCITA (900-003-4639), for an appointment. Aside from the call costing 300 colones a minute, and being immediately put on hold because, “dear customer, all available operators are busy, please beContinue reading “Cédula Renewal Wars”

This, Our Year of Renewal

Allowing official documents to lapse in Costa Rica is a nightmare, which is why I keep close tabs on them. When I saw four items pop up on my computer’s calendar this past January, I groaned. My poor husband asked what was wrong. When I explained, he wasn’t very sympathetic but he never deals withContinue reading “This, Our Year of Renewal”

Lost Without Translation

Costa Rica News – ”Stop the car!” I yelled at my husband. “Maybe that guy knows where the place is.”This is an all too familiar cry when we are driving anywhere in the Central Valley. We are both excellent drivers, but the bulk of the driving has fallen to him. I invariably ride shotgun, acting asContinue reading “Lost Without Translation”

My First Boss, A Cowboy Born in the Wrong Century

   “Mr Thomas was born May 31, 1915 in Fossil, Oregon, to William and Mary Thomas…. He worked on several ranches in wheeler county and was a professional rodeo cowboy……..”  Jim Thomas was born in the wrong century for cowboys. I knew him most of my early life but never knew until his obituary thatContinue reading “My First Boss, A Cowboy Born in the Wrong Century”

Hackers, Bots, Bluehost, and Me

Last week was the hacker week from hell. First, I got an email notice from my web hosting service, Bluehost: “Your website has been shut down due to violations of the terms of service agreement.” WTF? Next, I went to my website and discovered, sure enough, it no longer existed. This prompted an international phoneContinue reading “Hackers, Bots, Bluehost, and Me”