I Don’t Fly Well, Or Rather, I Don’t Land Well

Returning to Costa Rica in the fall of 1998. The trip had gone relatively well, as flights go, although the weather was a bit rainy when we arrived in Dallas. We got on an American Airlines flight listed as non-stop from Dallas to Costa Rica. Once we were secured in our seats. the captain came onContinue reading “I Don’t Fly Well, Or Rather, I Don’t Land Well”

From Foulness to Serenity~

Dawn crept under the window shutters yesterday morning, and as I woke something told me this day would be different from the past few weeks. I had closed them to keep the cold and damp of the weeks before out. Our bed linen has been clammy from the accumulated moisture in the air and it’sContinue reading “From Foulness to Serenity~”

It’s a Disaster!

Last week I wrote about the rain here in Limón province. Well, the statistics are in: November saw an increase in levels from the usual 372 mm (22 inches) for the month to over 780 (47 inches. That’s well over a yard in a month!)–– and those figures were before the end of November. TheContinue reading “It’s a Disaster!”

Camarones, Por Favor

We left San José on Wednesday morning, headed for Puntarenas on the Pacific coast. This area of Costa Rica was originally developed during the colonial period and for most of the 19th century, Puntarenas was the only means of exporting the country’s products. Coffee was brought down out of the Central Valley by ox cartContinue reading “Camarones, Por Favor”