Truck Trouble for the New Year

Our truck is 26 years old. It is a Jeep pickup and one tough vehicle. In fact, it’s the oldest vehicle still operating down here on this Atlantic coast, a place with punishing salt air that plays havoc with metal and all things electrical. Or, I should say, it was operating until the Saturday before NewContinue reading “Truck Trouble for the New Year”

Advent, Aguinaldos, Honest Mistakes, and 12-Step Reminders

We finally got a long-awaited appointment with the Agrarian Court justices in Limón two weeks before Christmas. We needed to discuss our case. It’s a long story, the subject of a memoir, actually, but you cannot write a memoir while you are still living the events. So, for the moment, it’s just life. I willContinue reading “Advent, Aguinaldos, Honest Mistakes, and 12-Step Reminders”

Tribute to My Father (read by a friend today at his memorial service)

Morgan was not the easiest father in the world. My nephew, Joshua Reiss, once remarked when he was quite young, that there were two kinds of grandparents:  hard and easy. When Rosina asked him which she and Morgan were, Josh responded—and without hesitation, I might add— “hard grandparents.” But, the older Morgan got—or perhaps theContinue reading “Tribute to My Father (read by a friend today at his memorial service)”

The Placa Palace, or How to Get Your New License Plates in Costa Rica

We got our new license plates. To most people they are  almost indistinguishable from our old license plates, but notice, please, a small Costa Rican flag in the upper right corner, and a nearly invisible map of the country in the lower right corner. There is also a vertical line on the left. That’s it.Continue reading “The Placa Palace, or How to Get Your New License Plates in Costa Rica”

Water, Water Everywhere

The rain started with a pit, pit, pat on our metal roof,  the sound relief. It had been stifling hot for weeks on end, and like the old ladies here, I took to carrying a cloth to wipe my neck and arms as the humidity climbed to high-five the temperature already in the 90s. WeContinue reading “Water, Water Everywhere”

L is for Leaving A to Z Challenge, or How I was Unable to Continue

Just a note to visitors from the A to Z blogging challenge, I have to drop out due to a family emergency. I have enjoyed this month’s challenge and will definitely  look at doing it next year. Please feel free to stay on my subscription list, I will be posting after this crisis has passed,Continue reading “L is for Leaving A to Z Challenge, or How I was Unable to Continue”

K is for Kilo

Costarican idioms (loosely interpreted) Okay, I’ve run aground; K is a difficult letter in the Spanish alphabet. There are all sorts of K words, but they are mostly translations of things like Kant, Karachi, Kurdish, etc. So today  I thought I would discuss Kilo. Most Americans know it as a unit of weight; one weContinue reading “K is for Kilo”

J is for Hij’ue Puta!

Costarican idioms (loosely interpreted) ¡Hij’ue puta! (pronounced Way-Poota) Okay, if you are sensitive close your ears; this one’s a swear word. It’s also the one most used in Costa Rica. Literally it is translated as “shit whore,” but it is used the way we use son of a bitch or the F word to express shockContinue reading “J is for Hij’ue Puta!”

I is for Importar un Rábano

Costarican idioms (loosely interpreted) Or, le importa un rábano. Literally this means “it has the importance, or worth, of a radish.” I have also heard no importarle un pito. For a translation of that just think of Rhett Butler’s comments to Scarlett O’Hara when she begged him to come back. I am pretty fond ofContinue reading “I is for Importar un Rábano”