It’s a Disaster!

Last week I wrote about the rain here in Limón province. Well, the statistics are in: November saw an increase in levels from the usual 372 mm (22 inches) for the month to over 780 (47 inches. That’s well over a yard in a month!)–– and those figures were before the end of November. TheContinue reading “It’s a Disaster!”

Independent Thoughts~

It’s Independence Day in Costa Rica and around the rest of Central America tomorrow. September 15th marks the date when, in 1821, the five provinces under Spanish control since the 16th Century threw the buggers out and set off on their own. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua were all administered by an iron-fistedContinue reading “Independent Thoughts~”

Migracion- The Fast Track~

Chaos Costa Rica’s Immigration Department has a logo suited to its mission. The logo is represented by the earth’s globe, but the country of Costa Rica has been mysteriously plucked from the isthmus of Central America and placed aside. There is a band, sort of like an arrow, that girdles the globe begining at theContinue reading “Migracion- The Fast Track~”

Dog Days~

There is a saying, adapted from the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, the meek shall inherit the earth. Of this I am sure, people: this passage is not referring to the pious or mild-mannered followers of the Christian faith. As a full-fledged Darwinian I believe it means that things like ants, cockroaches, and,Continue reading “Dog Days~”

Woodpeckers in the Garden

Melanerpes pucherani Black-cheeked Woodpecker Or Carpenterio carinegros, as the locals along this Caribbean coastline call them. Whatever the name, they are resident birds found from SE Mexico to Ecuador. So it was not unsual that I should have spotted one the other day. My husband and I were sitting on our front porch, which overlooksContinue reading “Woodpeckers in the Garden”

Learning to Ignore Lonely Planet~

Last Thursday we continued our trip around Costa Rica during Tropical Storm Alma. This is not our first adventure traveling in rough weather. The most memorable trip was in 1998. We left Portland, Oregon that fall, headed for the warmth of the Caribbean as we did every year at that time of year. Our flightContinue reading “Learning to Ignore Lonely Planet~”

Camarones, Por Favor

We left San José on Wednesday morning, headed for Puntarenas on the Pacific coast. This area of Costa Rica was originally developed during the colonial period and for most of the 19th century, Puntarenas was the only means of exporting the country’s products. Coffee was brought down out of the Central Valley by ox cartContinue reading “Camarones, Por Favor”