In paradise There is No…

I’m on the move today, headed for Australia to meet my son, Sam, who has been battling complications from knee surgery for two months now. Yesterday Alan and I were running around San José doing errands. In a taxi we had a chatty little conversation with the driver. “So, where do you live?” he asked.Continue reading “In paradise There is No…”

Tanigumi- Japan Stories

This post was supposed to appear August 31, 2008. It is part of the Japan series from my latest visit. I got sidetracked by politics, fleas and the immigration office, but here it is now. Tanigumi is my favorite temple. I’ve been looking forward to a return visit for two years now. and IContinue reading “Tanigumi- Japan Stories”

Presumptive or Presumptuous?~

Okay…I’ll take the bait! Sarah Louise (Heath) Palin was born February 11, 1964. She is the current Governor of the US state of Alaska and is the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee for the 2008 United States presidential election. Holy cow! If I thought John McCain had gone around the bend before, this proves itContinue reading “Presumptive or Presumptuous?~”