Grandmother Always Loved You Best~

To avoid having two grandchildren grow up with a Smothers Brothers’ complex, I am heading off to Japan next week to visit the older of my two new–well not so new now– grandchildren. This is my second attempt at the visit. Last time I had to cancel due to our neighbors and their shenanigans hereContinue reading “Grandmother Always Loved You Best~”

Stress: My Former Constant Companion~

I suppose this has been written about ad nauseam, but it really is true. I am referring to the absence of stress after living under its constant grip for a long period of time. As Richard Selzer says about starving to death, no one who is doing it can tell you what it feels like;Continue reading “Stress: My Former Constant Companion~”

Into the Ears of Cleaning Ladies~

Our lawyer’s assistant, Eugenio, came yesterday to meet with a new topographer who came to measure the land and our boundaries… again. I swear to the real estate gods this property will be worn out before we ever get this case settled. Our lawyer is in Florida for the weekend talking to someone about anotherContinue reading “Into the Ears of Cleaning Ladies~”