Boredom Abounds, But Is That Bad?

  I’ve often marveled at my husband’s ability to find pleasure in the mundane. He finds projects around the house and property that need attention and applies himself to them without complaint. He is currently scraping, sanding, and repainting individual pickets on our veranda. On the other hand, I vocally suffer from what Dostoevsky referredContinue reading “Boredom Abounds, But Is That Bad?”

Thoughts On Memoir and Angles of Repose

Finding the angle of repose, that easy place where story flows is no easy task. First, pour your heart out on the page until a pile forms— sufficient text for a memoir, say. (Example: if the memoir has 360 pages, write M=360) Using a life span and brutal honesty, measure the amount of truth versusContinue reading “Thoughts On Memoir and Angles of Repose”

Three Little Pebbles

Another canine traffic jam at the door. Sit. Stay…. Okay Like lit bottle rockets they launch, rounding the corner of the house to some imagined danger I cannot see. A thousand toads bleat and honk,while rain sizzzles on the roof. The pond is full. Finally, the drought ends. Sharp air, frost on the ground, myContinue reading “Three Little Pebbles”

Resolutions for the New Year

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” Henry Ford New Year’s resolutions, like laws, are for breaking. Yet, I feel inclined to make some this year. Nothing big, mind you, because high and mighty dreams lead to failure. The biggest and hardest of these involves disconnecting myContinue reading “Resolutions for the New Year”