Seven Wheelchairs: A Life Beyond Polio

Gary Presley took his last physical steps in 1959 when he was only seventeen. He contracted Polio from the Salk vaccine. It’s ironic that he got it from the last in the series of immunizations meant to protect him from the very disease he contracted and it happened the very year that the Sabin vaccine,Continue reading “Seven Wheelchairs: A Life Beyond Polio”

Of Alan Bennett and Bumper Stickers~

On the recommendation of a writer friend of mine, I have been reading Alan Bennett’s “Writing Home,” lately. I peck away at it here and there, reading a few entries and then I let it rest on my bedside table for a while. It’s like having a box of chocolates (semisweet, please) at the ready.Continue reading “Of Alan Bennett and Bumper Stickers~”

At Large and At Small at IRB~

The editors of the Internet review of Books asked me to review Anne Fadiman’s latest book At Large and At Small: Familiar essays for their March issue. What a gift. I loved this book and highly recommend it to any and all readers. Fadiman is witty, curious, intellectually stimulating, and a joy to read. YouContinue reading “At Large and At Small at IRB~”

To MFA, or Not To MFA~

I belong to an Internet group of writers, some of whom have applied themselves to higher education in the form of an MFA in creative writing, and some, like me, are learning by the seat of their pants. I have always wondered if I was simply floundering in the dark and it would behoove meContinue reading “To MFA, or Not To MFA~”