Published Work


Two Poems     Four and Twenty (April 2013• Volume 6 • Issue 4)

Rubber Boot Koan Four and Twenty  (December 2011• Volume 4 • Issue 12)

“The Migrants” Four and Twenty (April 2011 • Volume 4 • Issue 4)

“Facebook” Comrac Press Review (March 28, 2010)

“Guaro” Comrac Press Review (October 07, 2009)




“Rain Time in Costa Rica” Saranac Review #12 Fall 2016

“Death Comes Calling” Blue Lyra Review – Issue 1.1  Summer 2012

KingfisherBluestem magazinespring  2011 online quarterly

Dog Tags

“Some Thoughts on my Father-in-law”

“Learning to Listen”

“Stop it!”

“Everything Wiggly and Poisonous

“Totally Wired”



Dining Out in Costa Rica; As You Like It   06 Oct 2013

If I Can Get Rid of Costa Rican Ants, Anyone Can.   05 Sept 2013

Have You Lived in Costa Rica Longer than “A While?” 19 August 2013

The Art of Giving Directions  22 July 2013

Keeping Food Fresh in The Tropics   09 July 2013

Cédula Renewal Wars  17 June 2013

The Nightmare of Renewing Costa Rican Legal Documents  29 May 2013



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