J is for Hij’ue Puta!

Costarican idioms (loosely interpreted) ¡Hij’ue puta! (pronounced Way-Poota) Okay, if you are sensitive close your ears; this one’s a swear word. It’s also the one most used in Costa Rica. Literally it is translated as “shit whore,” but it is used the way we use son of a bitch or the F word to express shockContinue reading “J is for Hij’ue Puta!”

I is for Importar un Rábano

Costarican idioms (loosely interpreted) Or, le importa un rábano. Literally this means “it has the importance, or worth, of a radish.” I have also heard no importarle un pito. For a translation of that just think of Rhett Butler’s comments to Scarlett O’Hara when she begged him to come back. I am pretty fond ofContinue reading “I is for Importar un Rábano”